About Me

Farzin Javadi Samghabadi, known as Farzin Javadi, was born on January 7, 1997 in Karaj. He lived in Karaj for 17 years and there he graduated from high school in science. After that he left Iran for Germany with his family. In Germany he did his Abitur again and got to know the TV show "Dein Song" in 2016. In 2017 he decided to take part in "Dein Song".

He has successfully completed the casting and could continue to participate in the composers camp in Ibiza but in that time Farzin was not allowed to leave Germany. That's why ZDF organizes a personal composer camp for him in Darmstadt, where he was able to continue working on his song "Sie Lässt Mich Allein" with a Band. On the day of the decision in Ibiza, the producer, Martin Haas, called him from Spain to tell him that he would attend the big final show.

That's how Farzin met Álvaro Soler and together with him he was supposed to compose and improve his song again and play it live at the final show. Álvaro Soler is a successful German-Spanish singer who has also worked with Jenifer Lopez. Farzin met Alvaro Soler in Berlin and they worked together on Farzins song. There was also Alexander "Ali" Zuckowski, a German composer and songwriter in the studio.



On March 17, 2017, Farzin and Alvaro sang together on the live show "Sie Lässt Mich Allein" on stage. Unfortunately, Farzin did not win the show, but that was not the end for him.

After "Dein Song", he published a few singles. Together with Mathis Schuller another finalist of Dein Song, he has produced an Extended Play album. His track " Solo Contigo " from the album has Spotify 3rd place of New Singles and on Itunes the hit of the week. Then Avid recognized him as an official producer.

In 2018, Farzin took part in the federal competition in the area of young music scene. Farzin was prizewinner of the national competition Germany in the year 2018.